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Our Services



  • Physical, Medical and Personal Needs Assessment 
  • Act as liaison to help provide understanding of the seniors status and best options for continued care
  • Development of a Care Plan
  • Provide assistance acquiring quality screened in-home care services
  • Direction to professionals who can insure proper legal/financial paperwork is in order
  • Placement Services,  assistance locating quality licensed Assisted Living (ALF),  Residential Care (RCFE) and other housing options
  • General Geriatric Care Management services
  • Medication Management
  • Referrals to and for Medicare paid Home Health and Physical Therapy Services
  • Referrals to doctors and specialists
  • Transportation services
  • Activities and much more





Moonlite Geriatric Care Management is a family owned business providing support, key to helping families and their senior loved ones with the many challenges that come with the aging process.  With over 30 years of experience in the health care field, our team is made up of a myriad of healthcare professionals, Geriatric Care Managers, Nurses, and Social Workers to name a few.

Moonlite is based in Sacramento and has offices throughout California, serving families from  San Diego to the Oregon Boarder , Washington State, and Nevada.
We are also able to provide placement services nationwide.  

How can a

Geriatric Care

Manager help you?


  • Personalized Compassionate Service by focusing on you or your loved one to meet your particular needs.
  • Continuity of Care, where communication among doctors, social workers, family, and other service providers is critical.  
  • Cost Containment, help with prevention of unnecessary hospitalization, duplication of services, inappropriate placements.
  • Quality Control, we follow, The National Association Professional Geriatric Managers standards of Practice & Pledge of Ethics.

Welcome to Moonlite Geriatric Care Management 

We provide ‘A Better Way’ for seniors and their loved ones to maneuver their way through the system of senior care options and providers with dignity and respect.  Before you get lost in the maze, call one of our qualified Geriatric Care Managers who can easily guide you through the process.

"Moonlite, the name, is simple to me. Dawn signifies, the sun coming up., a new beginning. Moonlite signifies, the sun is setting, the moon is rising it is bright, and we are starting to settle down after a long day. Why shouldn't our later years in life be a time filled with "lite" and promise? Our senior years are a time to be celebrated."

Jaynie Guarnieri Dame, Founder & CEO
Moonlite Geriatric Care Management

Our Purpose
To provide Seniors and their Families with options and information, to insure they receive the best possible care. And to ensure that each and every senior is treated with dignity and respect.

What is

Geriatric Care Management?

Professionals trained in health & human services, who help guide, advocate, and find resources for seniors and disabled individuals and the families caring for them.  We can assist with and help the individual reach his/her maximum functional potential, while encouraging independence, making sure safety is achieved and maintained.

GCM's have knowledge about cost, quality and availability of resources in the community, and how to access them.