Finding a Place for June

We want to thank you very much for the time and effort in finding a place for June. She seems to be adjusting well and we feel good about her being there.

— Karen & Kristina


Jaynie found my home at Grandma's, over 6 years ago. I have felt happy, secure and well cared for since I moved in. Jaynie visits at least once a month to see that things are still as they were way back then, and they are even better. There are nice ladies to talk to and I enjoy my Ana, who is not only my caretaker but my friend. We have private personal one on one times together where I feel like the only one here. Ana is more than a care giver she treats me like her own family. She takes all of us to our doctor's appointment and on outings whenever we need to go. I thank Jaynie every time she comes to visit for finding me such a wonderful home.

​If you need help with anything call Jaynie at Moonlite Geriatric Care Management, she will be with you always because she really cares.

— Doris - age 94

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I have found my Angel 

I just have to tell you that I have found my ANGEL, Jaynie. When my dad found out he had cancer in 1974, he knew what he needed to do. He made all the arrangements to have the best care for my mom when the time came for her to have special full time care. He knew I would need a special angel. Then 2 years ago mom fell and broke her hip. She was taken very good care of while trying to get back on her feet. A year later she needed additional help so I contacted an in home care service. Then as time went on I was given a name of an organization that would later become my “ANGEL”. With their help I was able to find a place from mom, twice. The first time mom was not ready to move into a board and care. I was told that it would not be long before she would want or need to move into a board and care.

When the time came after another fall, Mom told me in the hospital she could no longer take care of herself and she was ready to move into a board and care. My first thought was Moonlite. It had been 9 months since we last had spoken so would they remember me? You bet they did. This all happen on Labor Day week-end. I hated to call on Labor Day. I thought I would not hear from anyone until Tuesday morning. When we spoke and they said they would get back to me in the morning and not to worry they would take care of everything. They certainly did. That was at 8:30 in the evening on Labor Day. By 7:15 am the next morning they had found a place for my mom. They are truly my heroes, my angels.

When mom was discharged from the hospital, they were there and got things rolling and even went with us to the board and care. They were by my side and even found a wheel chair for her. They helped me with all the paperwork to get mom into the home and help get me started along with the contact for the VA paperwork. If I came to a road block with anything, she said not to worry about it she would take care of it. Jaynie even found a local Doctor for mom. I could not have done any of this without their help. I would not even know where to begin.

The Moonlite folks are my angels and I would (and have), given their names out to my friends, whose parents are in need of help. I never knew there was a service like (Moonlite) out there. The military has been good to our family even after our dad’s passing all these years later. The military has come forward and been there for us. Jaynie you are my angel. Thank you, Thank you and again, Thank you. But thank you does not seem enough. Mom has been at Imperial Home care for a month and she is able to put on her own shoes and walks so fast that I can't keep up with her. This transition has truly added 5 more years to her life and it is because of Moonlite and her kindness, knowledge and help. Thank you.

— Pat Marler for Vada (my mom)

My Mom Trudy 

Jaynie began helping me with my Mom, Trudy about 5 years ago, she helped me identify certain needs that kept her safe at home, in NY for another 3 yrs. I moved her to CA in 2007 to be with me, and we had in-home care for a while, which proved to be a band-aid for the problems she was really having (she has dementia). We then moved to the Board and Care venue, which has been wonderful. The care and attention Mom gets is absolutely more than I could ever have asked for. She is happy and healthy and Loves it there. Jaynie visits her a couple times a month and stays on top of her condition, by communicating with both the facility and me regularly. I don't know what I would have done if it had not been for Jaynie and her knowledge of Geriatric Management, and walking me through these step with my mom. Thank you Jaynie.

— Peter and Trudy - age 88

Testimonials from our satisfied clients, we love you all…

There is nothing more important to the Moonlite team than providing quality service to you and your senior loved ones.  The families we have worked with over the years have touched our lives as much as we have touched theirs. We sincerely appreciate our clients and show it in our day-to-day service.  Below are a few who expressed their feelings about Moonlite.  We Thank you all.

Our Moonlite Shining Stars....

I am happy to write the highest words of recommendation for anyone who would be interested to trust their loved ones "“parents, immediate family, and friends- to Moonlite Geriatrics. Moonlite Geriatrics, under the excellent leadership of Jaynie, is a referral agency providing the utmost care services and placement. Jaynie is a compassionate and dependable placement agent. She understands the needs of the elderly, both professionally and humanly. I can't imagine anyone or any agency more dedicated to ensuring that a client's needs are met. In my four years of working relationship with Jaynie, I've learned that she is a truly exceptional human being and she knows how to get the job done right. I am pleased to recommend Moonlite Geriatrics to anyone in need.

— Emilia-RDH,MS (MS RCFE Administrator Flora Care Homes (#347004543) Carmichael, Ca)

I was referred to Jaynie by my cousin who utilized Jaynie's services to find his in-laws find an assisted living home and help with their Veterans Affairs assistance. She worked with my parents to get the proper paperwork for the Veterans Affairs assistance. And then when the time was needed to get them into an assisted living home, she was right there. She went over our requirements and provided 4 homes to tour, and she took us to each one herself.   I had my parents in a home w/in 2 weeks. I could have gotten them in sooner, but my father was in the hospital after falling and having a heart attack, so it took a little longer. Then again, 16 months later, when that assisted living home was closing, she got on the ball again to search out another 4 homes. She took me to see them all again. I then took my parents to view each facility. Jaynie even met us at the homes. Whenever I am stressed, I call her and she gives me support and assistance. My cousins for another Aunt and Uncle even used her to get them into an assisted living facility within a few days. Coming from someone who did not know where to go or where to start, Jaynie was a great asset in every aspect of this journey for me, my parents and my family, and still is, we communicate monthly.

— Glenn W.

As others have stated Jaynie has been a God send. I was given Jaynie's name by someone in the hospital my mother was in. When she went back to where she was living they were not wanting to work with me and raised their monthly rate because she now needed hospice care. I contacted Jaynie and she showed me a number of wonderful facilities. I chose the one she is now living in where she receives wonderful, loving care. She makes sure to follow up with my mom and is there should I have any questions. Honestly, I wish I would have found Jaynie two homes ago. Jaynie truly cares for the elderly and I trust her.

— Cheryl Luman

As an attorney who deals with elder law issues, I have been fortunate to work with Jaynie for more than a decade. Jaynie, along with her excellent staff, has helped many of my clients find the care they need. She is a compassionate and competent resource, in a field that requires both of these traits. I recommend her to many clients and their families. Jaynie approaches each client as if they were a family member -- as an advocate in times of stress and with great warmth and caring. She and her staff make dealing with care and related issues a bit less daunting. I encourage those in need of these services to give her a call.

— William L. Walker

Jaynie was a godsend when faced with the decision to place my mother in a home where she would get the loving care we want for her. She listened to what we wanted and then provided us with a tour of several options. After making our choice, she made all the arrangements for her transfer. This was a difficult time for us and I'm not sure how we would have gotten by without Jaynie's Caring expertise. She continues as a resource for informed advice today.

— Ed Grady

I have been working in the Senior Living Business as a Community Relations Director for 4 years. I have been so impressed with Jaynie and Moonlite Geriatric. She and her team are so dedicated. They only refer residents that they know would be a good fit. They take their clients under their wings. They don't just give them a list of places to check out. They personally tour with their clients. It's obvious they truly care about the families they serve.

— Carrin J.

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Many, Many Thanks!

I didn't adequately express my gratitude for all your efforts. Many, many thanks!

— Fran

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